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Friday, February 16, 2007

History Of The Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt (Frater Spartacus, 1748-1830) was born in the February 7, 1748, in Ingolstadt ( Eleusis ), Bavaria (Acaya, New Africa). His father was Imperial institutions' professor and penal laws in Ingolstadt University and his forefathers had Jewish origins. The youth Adam, diligent pupil and endowed of great memory, did his first studies at the Jesuits' high school and registered after in the law school, where he kept on looking hardworking and intelligent.

The library of Ickstatt's baron was useful for Weishaupt to know French philosophers' works. And, thanks to a certain mythical encounter with the Danish mystic Kolmer, he started off in the Mysteries of Memphis's Learned Persons.

With 25 years, Adam Weishaupt became named professor. And, with 27 years, he attained professor's position of Ingolstadt 's canonical law school and himself and tilted definitively for the Mysteries, the initiation and philosophy, founding the May 1 st , 1776, in Ingolstadt , the Order of the Perfectibilists after named The Illuminati of Bavaria.

Although at the first Order's meeting only five members attended, immediately he affiliated tens of members. Then, Illuminati open lodges in Germany , Austria , Italy , Hungary , France and Switzerland .

Thanks to the dynamism of Knigge's baron (Frater Filón, 1752-1796) , otherwise called Adolf von Knigge, recruited for The Bavarian Illuminati for Constanzo's marquis, Weishaupt could elaborate the Rite of the Illuminated of Bavaria of thirteen degrees of initiation and, from 1778, grouping a few interesting members. Knigge, a freemason very active, also brought Weishaupt closer to freemasonry, where he was initiated and could work in Teodoro of Good Advice Lodge, in Munich. As from 1778, between the members almost there were twenty students. The rest were representatives of liberal professions: Doctors, lawyers, judges, Professors of lyceum (gymnasium) and of university, rectors of public schools, Governors of provinces, Wetzlar's Imperial House's members, high officials of all the status, and a long list of barons and counts.

July 16, 1782, at famous Wilhelmsbad's Masonic Convent, where highlighted the Strict Templar Observance, different European Masonic Obediences re-founded the three degrees of the blue masonry (Apprentice, Companion and Master) and The Illuminati tried to federate under their authority all the European Freemasonry, something impossible because the visceral opposition of the Great Lodge of England and the reticence of the Great Orient of France and The Illuminated Theosophists of the Swedish mystic Swedenborg.

In those dates, The Illuminati of Bavaria already defended a far away initiation of the Judean-Christian tradition and proposals closed to anarchism and communism. It provoked than the masons of the Great Lodge of England, very conservative Christians, abort the plans that The Illuminati had dreamt up for the Wilhelmsbad's Masonic Convent.

All of these weren't too much beneficial for The Illuminati and it provoked Knigge's resignation. Weishaupt and The Illuminati were confronted against the masons of the Great Lodge of England definitively.

The modern or speculative freemasonry took form in London in 1717. That modern freemasonry was founded by protestant ministers never initiated into a lodge, so, by profanes. Weishaupt denounced them in his articles, after the Masonic Convent of 1782:
“Who will show me the Mother Lodge? Those of London we have discovered to be self-erected in 1716. Ask for their archives. They tell you they were burnt. They have nothing but the wretched sophistications of the Englishman Anderson, and the Frenchman Desaguilliers. Where is the Lodge of York, which pretends to the priority, with their King Boudin, and the archives that he brought from the East? These too are all burnt. What is the chapter of old Aberdeen and its holy clericate? Did we not find it unknown and the Mason Lodges there the most ignorant of all the ignorant, gaping for instruction from our deputies? Did we not find the same thing at London ? And have not their missionaries been among us, prying into our mysteries, and eager to learn from us what is true Masonry? It is in vain therefore to appeal to judges; they are nowhere to be found; all claim for themselves the scepter of the Order; all indeed are on an equal footing. They obtained followers, not from their authenticity, but from their conductiveness, to the end which they proposed, and from the importance of that end. These are rejected by all good Masons, because incompatible with social happiness.”
And if it were not enough, some martinist, Martinez de Pasqually disciples, added to the attacks against The Illuminati from 1783. For example, they sent insulting pamphlets about The Illuminati to the widowed Marian duchess of Bavaria. In her IX Meeting of the Soirees of St. Petersburgo, the martinist Joseph de Maistre, an important member of the Order of the Beneficence Gentlemen of the Holy City of Jean Baptiste Willermoz, affirmed: “Illuminated are those guilty men that, nowadays, durst to conceive and organize in Germany, by means of the more criminal association, the horrible project to extinguish of Europe the Christianity and sovereignty. Virtuoso disciple Claude of Saint Martin has that same name because he does not declare the Christianity simply, but he does not work more than in order to soar to sublime heights of that divine law”.

June 22, 1784 , the Elector of Bavaria approved an edict on he forbidden all society, confraternity or secret circle non authorized by laws. In February of 1785, Weishaupt was removed from his cathedra and expatriated to Regensburg (Ratisbona). When prohibition was confirmed on May 2nd, The Illuminati went runaways, prisoners, tortured… There are a few doubt of Inquisitorial environment created by freemasons of the Great Lodge of England and martinists was made use for the conservative Power of the epoch to provoke the fatal outcome. At night of July 10, 1785, the abbot Lanz, Weishaupt's mail, was fulminated for a ray. His body was transferred to San Emmeran's chapel and papers with The Illuminati's aspirations appeared in their clothing. Weishaupt, who taked refuge in Gotha, survived forty four years to Inquisitorial persecutions of Bavaria, dying November, 18, 1830. He wrote treatises of philosophy.

Weishaupt, who took refuge in Gotha, survived forty-four years to inquisitorial persecutions in Bavaria, diying on 1830 Novembre 18th. In those years, he wrote phylosophy treatises and, at last, just like Adolf von Knigge, he betrayed his own work.

It seems that being the head of a numerous family, Weishaupt changed his points of view in religious and politic matter, and he became more conservative and sober. After 1787, in fact, he renounced to all active connection with initiatic orders and he approached the church, becoming in a kind of Christian foundamentalist and using an important zeal in construct the Catholic church of Gotha. It is recorded in documents of Catholic church. Adam Weishaupt died on 1830 November 18th, "reconciled with Catholic church, that he condemned to death and destruction when he was a young teacher", Gotha parish church explains.

It is without question the Involvement of some rests of Illuminati in French Revolution. The influence of the Illuminati in the whole revolutionary process was a fact. An important part of French revolutionaries were masons and illuminati. Duke of Orleáns, Saint-Just, Danton, Herbert, Lafayette, Rmirabeau, Marat, Robespierre, Desmoulins were some of the names of initiated and revolutionary masons and illuminati. By exemple, it is known that Honoré-Gabriel Riquetti, Count of Mirabeau, received the initiation of the Bavarian Illuminati in Germany, specifically, at Henrietta Herz home.

On 1796, François-Noël Babeuf (1760-1797) organized the Conspiracy of the Equals for treat to get the power and slow down the right direction that Revolution had done after Jacobins fall. They dominated the most violent period of French Revolution. Babeuf was in favour of Revolution since it began and he attacked the terror of Jacobins and the posterior conservatism.

The Conspiracy of the Equals, born inside of French Revolution, was an expression of known as revolutinary socialism, related with illuminati and their phylosophy. In fact, Babeuf was a man of them, the 'most distinguished of the rest of the Illuminati in the two-year period 1796-1797', according to a secret document of the illuminati.

The most important, although everybody always aspire to more, is that the coup done by Revolution to dominant class until then, the aristocracy, resulted very sound.
It can be declared that the Illuminati sowed the seed of revolution in France, getting see an important part of their ideas, but not at all.

Terminada la Revolución, los restos de los Illuminati desaparecieron de Europa, quedando circunscritos a los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, aunque es justo reconocer que en Europa aún ejercieron un influjo muy notable sobre los Carbonarios.
Finished the Revolution, the rests of the Illuminati disappeard of Europe, bein restricted to United States of North America, but it is just to admit that they still exerted a very remarkable influx in the Carbonaries.

The history of Bavarian Illuminati finished with the last disciples of Weishaupt. They participated, in some case, in French Revolution and exerted other influences; the facts that came after on North American lands were unconnected or contrary to Bavarian Illuminati.
So, the rest of Bavarian Illuminati that ended up to United States of North America founded iluminist orders that betrayed to Bavarian Illuminati, to their initiation and phylosophy, opting for idealism, capitalism and right-wing thinking.

On 1785, the Lodge Colombia of the Order of the Illuminati in New York was constituted, where the governor De Witt; an ancestor of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Clinton Roosevelt; Horace Greeley, director of the Tribune; and Jefferson affiliated as Brothers. And, from there, the Order of The Illuminati of United States was born. Its name was, from the beginnings of the XX century, Grand Lodge Rockefeller.

Some North American iluminist orders that have betrayed to Bavarian Illuminati, their initiation and phylosophy, are the student brotherhood Phi-Beta-Kappa, founded on 1776 by students of William & Mary College, in Williamsburg, Virginia; the iluminist order Skull and Bones, founded on 1832 by general William Huntington Russell and Alphonse Taft, two students of Yale who, oddly, do not admitted in student brotherhood Phi-Beta-Kappa of Yale University, in New Haven, Conneticut, between other similars.

In 1995, Gabriel López de Rojas founded Illuminati Order in Barcelona ( Spain ), after contacting with two members of The Illuminati of United States, and he elaborated the Operative Rite of The Illuminati of Bavaria of Illuminati Order.

The Illuminati's history keeps on forward with the Illuminati Order and the authentic Illuminati. They honor the tradition of The Illuminati, with coherence and great devotion.

A conclusion is that The Illuminati have transcended in the time, in spite of many persecutions and sufferings because of the inquisitors and they are constructors of a New World Order, thanks to their fight.


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